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Welcome to the Next Step in your life. You’ve worked hard all your life and as you approach retirement age you will be faced with making some major decisions that will affect the rest of your life, your family, heirs and your community. We can help you understand some of the hurdles you will be facing and to make common sense choices to truly make these the “Golden Years”. We will work with you and your other advisors (attorneys, accountant, and investment advisors) and develop a planning strategy to make sure you are doing the most with what you have and to protect those valuable assets.

We concentrate our planning on some of the following areas;

  • Social Security Planning- When should you start to maximize benefits, what about spousal benefits.
  • Medicare/Medicaid and Health Insurance- What are the ABC & D’s of Medicare. Understanding when to start or when to wait before applying.
  • Retirement planning- Understanding taxes, tax deferral and tax free.
  • MRD – Minimum Required Distribution, what it means and how to make the most of it.
  • Life Insurance/Annuites- Do I have enough, too little, too much and what to do with what I have.
  • Long Term Care- The one thing that could jeopardize it all. How to protect your assets.
  • Estate Enhancements- Maximizing what you leave you heirs in the most tax affective way possible.
  • Estate taxes- Not just something for the super wealthy, what is it and how to reduce the cost.
  • Charitable Gifting- Leaving a legacy to a charity of your choice, and maximize tax benefits of gifting.

We take a proactive approach, not reactive. Make this your plan not someone else’s. Contact us for a complete Next Step review.

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